Base is a collective of individuals working across architecture, design and art. It is part of an evolving crossover culture whose role depends on the base question, the core that lies at the intersection of multiple discourses

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“Domum Monument of Memory” proposes an unprecedented reading of the city of Ramallah (Palestine), a complex reality characterized by fluctuating territories that shape a multiplicity of urban conditions, often interpreted as discontinuity of urban and social entities. In this magma of stratifications, Domum investigates those structuring identity factors, in an attempt to reveal the formation of this extended void, dismantling it into traces and layers intertwine in the physical and metaphysical dimension.

A Welcoming Place

Nestled in the heart of Heliopolis lies an apartment, situated within an early 1960s building. In this dwelling, hearts and paws unite, providing a testament to kinship. It is designed with purpose and care to cater to the diverse activities of its inhabitants. Three volumes entwine with an interplay between functionality and minimalistic aesthetics, allowing for seamless adaptation to the ever-changing rhythms of life. Each room engages in a dialogue with the others, fostering an atmosphere of connectivity and energy. The kitchen stands as a sacred ground for communion and delight, linking the different spaces together. Large windows grace the apartment, inviting the outside world to merge with the interior.